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Work from home uk jobs - make money working at home

How to make money working from home in 2012

woman working from home on computerWhatever your reason for wanting to work at home, we can help you to find out more on free ways to earn money from home fast.

You might be looking for extra cash to help make ends meet. You could be worried about redundancy, or you may even have lost your job and need money desperately.

Maybe you've had unexpected bills and are looking for a legitimate way to make fast extra cash or maybe you just need to earn extra money to pay off the credit cards.

It's best to avoid borrowing money if you can and look at ways in which you can free up extra cash by either earning more or reducing your outgoings. Use our free site to get some great ideas on earning cash in your spare time.

Whether you have an idea or project in mind or you are looking for an idea to make money from home, you can find information and help as well as some great moneymaking ideas.

Many of our work at home ideas are suitable for both part-time and full-time work so you can tailor them to suit your lifestyle. You can start most of them on a part-time basis for a useful second income and move to full-time as and when the business builds.

We can help you avoid the pitfalls and scams that await the unwary. There are legitimate money-making opportunities out there but there are many more scams so you need to do your research first if you want to avoid being ripped off.

Starting your own home business in a recession

Starting your own business from home is easier than it has ever been. The web makes it a much simpler task to find the knowledge you need to start your business, advertise and promote it , buy stock or equipment, find customers and sell your products.

Most importantly with gloomy economic predictions and a double-dip recession on the cards, it's much cheaper to start a business from home than to pay out for premises office or retail space. Most of the businesses listed on this site can be started and run on a budget, enabling you to keep overheads down and minimise the risk of your business failing. If you're employed, many of them can be carried out in your spare time.

Ideas for a work at home business

For most people the hardest part of starting a business is finding the right idea. If you don't have a clue what kind of business you could run, check out our suggestions for the kind of business that might suit your skills or experience.
There are many business models which have proved to be successful earners over and over again - pick the right one and you could soon be on the way to becoming a successful small business owner.

When you are looking for a new business idea, it helps if you take some time first to consider what kind of work might suit you. Write down a list of things that you enjoy doing - can you monetize any of them?

Do you have existing skills you can put to use to make an income. What kind of personality are you? Would you be happier working with people, animals or at a computer on your own? It makes a huge difference to the potential success of your new business if you actually enjoy working at it!

Top 100 work at home business ideas

Top ideas for late summer earnings in 2012

garden worker
dog and cat sitting
car valet at work

woman thinking of ideasQuestions to ask yourself before starting your business

Do I have skills or qualifications I can use to work from home such as work skills like book-keeping, data entry or PR skills, or do I have a qualification such as a degree which I could use for tuition?

Can I create a business by building on an existing hobby or interest? Can my gardening or DIY enthusiasm translate to a part-time or home-based business and provide a second income? Could I make crafts to sell?

Can I learn a new skill to earn money? What about a computer course or learning to be a plumber? Where do I find out about courses and training ?

Does my new business need funding for buying materials, tools or stock? Where do I get funding if I need it? Can I get a grant? Do I need to write a business plan?

If you've given some thought to the above questions, a business idea might already have sprung to mind and you're ready to go! But if you can't think of an idea to make money from home, then check out the ideas we've listed to give you some help and inspiration in setting up your working from home business.

The site is based in the UK but a great business idea is still a great business idea and can earn you money in the US, Australia, Europe or wherever you live!

Use these categories to find the job or home business that suits you best:

Make and sell Crafts - Great ideas for things that you can make and sell - cards, gifts, keepsakes, wedding, anniversary and birthday presents. If you enjoy working with your hands, it can be hugely satisfying to enjoying making something and get paid for it.

Ripping up L platesDriving Jobs - If you like driving and need some cash, how about using your car to earn money evenings and weekends. There are almost always openings for drivers in everything from mini cabbing to delivering parcels.

Easy Jobs
- Well maybe not all easy, but many of these jobs don't need any special skills or experience, just loads of enthusiasm or a hobby you can turn to good use.

woman holding computerEarn Money Computing - You've got a computer or you wouldn't be reading this.... Now find how can you make money with your PC. Forget dodgy data entry and marketing schemes, you might not get rich quick but you can make a steady income if you take the right steps.

More Jobs to do from home
- Everyone's got a talent they can use to make money - what's yours? Find out more about employment opportunities at home

Franchises - Buy yourself a job and avoid the start-up pitfalls with a franchise. From a couple of hundred to a couple of million pounds, you can buy into a ready-to roll business idea that's been tried and tested.

Head MassageHealing and Therapy Jobs - Start a business as a healer, counsellor or teacher. Demand for alternative therapies is as high as ever and working as a therapist can fit well around a full-time occupation

Find out more business ideas

How to get started

The tricky part - many businesses fail in the early days. Find out how to maximise your chances of success. How do you get started? What are the legalities? Do you need a licence, insurance or a permit? Do you have to tell your mortgage company? How do you raise money? How does a business plan help? When do you need to tell the taxman? What about starting a limited company? What are the pitfalls to watch for?

Find out more on starting your business

How to promote your business

The web offers great ways to make potential customers aware of your work at home business. There are great ways to start a business and make money on the web - as well as allowing you to run a business directly such as an online shop or mail order business, the web also makes finding out about 'offline' businesses and jobs much easier.

Need to find a gap in the market in your area - look on the web! Find out how to use social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to boost sales and how to make a Website. What about selling online? How do you you make an online shop? Don't forget the 'old style' offline promotional and advertising methods - cards, leaflets and word of mouth can all help to get your business up and running. Whether you are working in the 'real' world providing services such as gardening or babysitting, online doing accounts or CV writing or a mixture of both, you can get your sales message across more effectively by using a combination of online and offline methods to promote your business.

Find out more on promoting your business

Avoid the work from home scams

woman on pcIf you can't think of an idea for starting your own work from home business then you may like to consider either working for someone else or maybe take up a franchise if you have the investment available. For many people looking to earn money from home, their first experience of trying to bring some money in has the reverse effect!

Unfortunately there are lots of scammers and rip-off merchants around who are looking to part you from your hard-earned cash with the promise of high future earnings. There are legitimate business opportunities out there which you can buy into but you need to take care. Do some research on the site or company before you part with any money and you could save yourself some money and a lot of hassle.

In the UK, if you are at all doubtful about the legitimacy or otherwise of a business opportunity or work from home job, it's worth checking with your local trading standards department before you send any money or sign up. It only takes a minute to phone them or check on their website and it could save you a lot of money and grief!

Watch out for get-rich-quick schemes - they are generally a way for the schemes promoter to get rich from your sign up fee. Remember - if an offer seems to good to be true, then it usually is! Be wary of jobs which ask for cash up front - you should look for work at home jobs with no fee and are free to sign up to.

Two particular scams to watch for are sites offering piece work and data entry work. Genuine piece work at home is very hard to find these days but there are still plenty of people wanting to take sign up and enrollment fees off the desperate. There are also many sites which promise high earnings for so-called data entry jobs, but nine times out of ten they will cost you money rather than help you earn it.

All the ideas to make money on this site are free and there's no sign-up or email required.

Remember that to start earning a second income at home, you don't need to buy an idea or plan ( although some people choose to look at running a franchise or agency ). You just need a sound business idea and the skills and enthusiasm to make that well-paid work from home job happen.

woman working at home on a computer

How to succeed in your home business

The secret to having a successful home business is to choose something that you'll enjoy doing (or at least not mind too much). If you hate ironing, then do something else but don't start an ironing business!

It sounds obvious, but many people do the first thing that springs to mind as a work at home job and then give it up because they find it boring or repetitive. If you don't mind ironing while you're watching the daytime tv or old movies that you would have watched anyway, then it can be the right idea for you.

Conversely, if you enjoy gardening , pottering with cars or decorating then you can extend your hobby into a profitable part-time business that you'll really enjoy doing.

Even if you have no experience or skills, there are still many ways to earn extra cash - once you've got the business started or found the right work, stay motivated and enthusiastic and you'll get there...

All this can seem daunting if you've never worked for yourself, but there is a lot of help available in all aspects of running and building a business making it easier than ever before to start a money-making small home-based business.


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